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 We strive to keep a physically and emotionally safe environment for our players. Our players are encouraged to be both thinkers and doers and under our careful guidance we know they can do amazing things.

Meet Ms. Afreya



I'm Afreya Munroe and this is my play ground. I have three passions; performing arts, practical science and nurturing children.  In addition to having a theater degree I also have a teaching license. While achieving my theater degree from a college of arts and sciences, I found myself drawn more and more by a desire to help children grow and develop through the arts and sciences. As I was studying my craft I realized that our professor  was trying to reteach us to think the way we thought as children , and as a first grade teacher I grew to understand why. As preschool children we thought expansively we dreamed, we imagined, we expressed without shame and were in touch with our inner selves. Somewhere along the line we lost that, and I believe that those who can retain it are those who live the fullest lives.

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