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Welcome to our play ground!


Afreya's playground is a STEAM based preschool and PreK program. At Afreya's Play Ground we believe that for a child the whole world is a stage. Creativity and imagination come naturally to children and in fact is an essential part of growth and development. Children who learn to be creative and out going are more likely to become entrepreneurs and CEOs because instead of going with the crowd they learn to stand out and think differently.Our teachers understand and honor each child’s need for independence and self-confidence. We find a balance between offering the children the freedom to explore and make choices, and being there to give hugs and words of encouragement when things don’t go their way.

Our Classes


Right now we are preparing for our school year enrollment which still has openings!

  • Use the enrollment tab to sign up!

  • Accepting ages 3-5

Events & Workshops

Play time-After School classes 


Play Time is a fun after school environment for elementary school kids where they get to immerse themselves in art and education. check the classes tab


Field trip Saturdays


One Saturday a month enrolled students enjoy off-campus field trips.

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